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“Through Romance”

On the occasion of the Heritage Days in Brussels, the exhibition “Through Romance” of Koen van den Broek will be open to the public, with free entrance. Curator: Luk Lambrecht. The little-known annexe to Auction House Lempertz (Cologne) in Brussels is “housed” in a magnificent early 20th-century Art Nouveau building designed by architect Jules Barbier (1865-1913), who was influenced by his colleague Paul Hankar. The building was already designed for the “Leroy frères” auction house at the time, and has a stunning central hall with zenithal lighting and an area of no less than 224 m². This monumental museum space creates an ideal art setting, but also the offices provide perfect exhibition conditions. Their walls are now embellished by the recent drawings by Belgian painter Koen van den Broek (1973). For the first time, an exclusive selection of art works - made in van den Broek’s studio on Jeju Island (South Korea) - will be displayed in dialogue with recent works on canvas and a series on paper, based on the architecture of Le Corbusier and his concrete chapel in Firminy. On the windows of the Art Nouveau facade of the auction house, a painting by van den Broek is reproduced with translucent stickers, illuminating the monumental facade at nightfall. This temporary “light box” is a direct reference to van den Broek’s new “Blinds Series”, which are part of the exhibition. A huge, impressive mural “welcomes” the visitor in this exhibition space. This mural can already be seen from the pavement and right across this beautiful building!

Practical information

Sun from 11:00 to 18:00 (all languages)
Veilinghuis Lempertz, Grote Hertstraat 6, Brussels